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Buenos Aires Gay Pride 2015


Celebrants at Buenos Aires Pride festival and parade earlier this month had plenty of fun while also getting political. Argentina has had marriage equality since 2010, but the nation cries out for progress in other areas — for instance, there are no comprehensive nondiscrimination protections for transgender people. Pride participants …

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National Day in Memorial for truth and justice


“Great catastrophes are always instructive. The tragedy which began with the military dictatorship in March 1976, the most terrible our nation has ever suffered, will undoubtedly serve to help us understand that it is only democracy which can save a people from horror on this scale, only democracy which can …

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Buenos Aires Beach


A new idea that emerged in Paris over 6 years ago and then repeated it success in different cities of the world such as Rome, Tokio and Berlin, among others. Like last year, Buenos Aires Beach awaits neighbors and tourists in Parque de los Niños, in the north and in …

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